SPAD Array Detector on Custom Microscope Confocal Versus Image Scanning Microscopy MMS Group April 2022 Grants and Fundings

Our Goal

Because of their non-invasive effect on living systems, light microscopy and spectroscopy have been the workhorses for studies of structures and functions at the cellular, sub-cellular and molecular levels for almost a century. However, many challenging questions of molecular and cellular biology remain beyond their conventional capabilities. The spatiotemporal resolutions, the labeling, and the contrast methods of conventional microscopy and spectroscopy pose fundamental limits for investigating the smallest and fastest puzzling mysteries of life. Furthermore, the information content potentially encoded in a microscopy or spectroscopy experiement is often lost (because of averaging, for example) or not decoded. The core research of our group is the design, development, and validation of novel optical and analytical tools that allow the modern biologists to peer inside living cells and organisms with unprecedented temporal-spatial resolutions, minimal invasivity, and augmented information content. This goal can be achieved only by working across many disciplines, from physics to engineering, from computer science to biology. Our projects want to synergically integrate novel contrast imaging mechanisms, labeling probes, optical architectures, and computational approaches that can be readily adopted by researchers all over the world.

Last News

Welcome to our new Team member Alessandro Zunino. Trained as a physicist, Alessandro has a perfect mix of theoretical and experimental skills. Looking forward to starting new projects on quantum microscopy with him.

Where To Meet Us

The Laboratory

We’re based at the Center for Human Technology at the Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia.