SPAD Array Detector on Custom Microscope Confocal Versus Image Scanning Microscopy MMS Group April 2022 Grants and Fundings

Our Goal

Optical microscopy is one of the least invasive techniques to visualise biological structure and function – on almost the molecular scale – in living cells and organisms. However, understanding many of the fundamental biological processes relevant to health and disease remain beyond the capabilities of conventional optical microscopy. Our aim is to design and develop cutting-edge microscopy and analytical tools that allow the biologists to peer inside living systems with unprecedented spatiotemporal resolutions and ranges, minimal invasivity, and augmented information content. To reach this goal, our projects synergically integrate novel (quantum) photonics technologies, labelling protocols, optical architectures, spectroscopy techniques, and machine learning approaches. Although technology development will always be our focus, we also collaborate with biologists to road-test and refine our tools – and to ensure they enable new biological insights.

Last News

Welcome to our new Team member Sanket Patil. Trained in biotechnology, he will use his expertises in single-molecule traking and Python to drive our BrightEyes_ERC project to a new level.

Where To Meet Us

The Laboratory

We’re based at the Center for Human Technology at the Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia.